Friday, July 8, 2011

Pop Promo How To.

Thought I might show how I put together my new promo.

Step 1: Make sure all 4 pieces are square and flush, so the three cuts will be uniform per set.

Step 2: Remove backing piece with info, you don't want to cut that too---messed that up once or twice.

Step 3: Use two push pins to keep the three pieces together while you're cutting.

Step 4: Measure the top piece into thirds.

Step 5: Make the cuts.

Step 6: Staple the wide side three times with a small, Italian stapler that uses tiny discreet staples---this part is essential; a non-italian stapler won't do.

Step 7: Use black gaffer's tape, and cover those staples.

Step 8: Stick down the gaffer's on the back as well.

Step 9: Trim off the excess tape.

Step 10: Make a hodgepodge-troubled celebrity.

Step 11: Repeat 20 more times.

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