Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artvoice Cupid

I recently did 5 pairs of faux-profile pictures for Artvoice Magazine. Here they are with their accompanying text. All text is property of Artvoice, and all images are copyright David Saracino.


OK Cupid

25 years-old

Oh please I live on the but seriously. I really just think about life in general and what is the next step in my life. hahaha work. Saturdays are my party nights, which may involve the bar, house party, or even a laid back night at home with a cold Molson and a good Zorro movie.




22 years-old
So, all I know is Im looking for a partner in crime,

a curious, outgoing swashbuckler.

An intelligent individual who used to let life take charge

and maybe needs the same push,

same refreshing wake up call, to look

at the world the way they used to.

Would love to drink a Labatt

and watch Anchorman with a cute dude.

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