Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artvoice Cupid

I recently did 5 pairs of faux-profile pictures for Artvoice Magazine. Here they are with their accompanying text. All text is property of Artvoice, and all images are copyright David Saracino.

OK Cupid
I'm a family-oriented school librarian
who loves to jog, read and travel. I'm
Looking for my missing puzzle piece.
I'm just hoping to find someone with whom
I can spend time, get to know, and build a
relationship. I will treat a man right.

Book Party
I've been told that I'm handsome, sweet and funny.
I have a great personality. I'm not perfect but I'm
far better...I'm real. I like to read, catch up with my
friends, and go to upscale restaurants. I like to have
sex (only in a long term relationship).
I value chivalryand thoughtfulness.
What more can a guy want?

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